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An exciting new project has been launched giving many slum women the opportunity of earning a livelihood. Find out more about Nari Dana, a freedom project


Improving the lives of poor and marginalised people in India


We can easily take for granted access to nurseries and schools, clinics and hospitals, training and jobs. But millions of people in India are not so fortunate.

Financial circumstances, physical location or social discrimination mean that some people cannot afford or access government-provided services. Individuals, families and communities are trapped in a cycle of poverty and disadvantage. 

The Cathedral Relief Service (CRS) in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) supports poor and marginalised people in the city’s slums and remote villages further afield through education, health and empowerment programmes, centres for young people with disabilities, and various special projects to suport livelihoods and communities.

CRS receives financial support from individuals, groups, charitable agencies and corporations around the world, and has two dedicated fundraising groups - the UK Friends and the Canadian Friends